Tuesday, May 4, 2010

North Carolina Poetry Society Names Winners of 2010 Contests

The North Carolina Poetry Society has released this list of judges and winners in their 2010 poetry contests. All winners are invited to read their winning poems at the NCPS Awards Day on May 15 at the Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities in Southern Pines, NC. All winning poems will also be published in the annual awards anthology, "Pinesong," which will be available for purchase at Awards Day

For more information about the day's events, please visit the NCPS website at www.NCPoetrySociety.org or contact Celisa Steele by email celisa@steelcob.com or phone 919-451-0075.

The winners' list includes a number of wonderful NC poets and I hope they'll all be there to read on Awards Day. Congratulations every one!

2010 NCPS Contest Winners:

Poet Laureate Winner: "A Visitor" by Anya Russian

Poet Laureate Finalists - Judge: Linda Gregerson

1) "The Upward Climb" by Maria Rouphail

2) "Piazza Santa Maria, Trasteverre" by Genie Cotner

3) "Brush Strokes" by T.M. Johnson

4) "Early" by Alice Osborn

5) "Views To Die For" by Sharon Sharp

6) "Safari" by Liza Sisk

7) "A Visitor" by Anya Russian

8) "For My Father" by Mary Gray

9) "Letters Home" by Katherine Russell Barnes

10) "In a Day without You" by Sheila Turnage
Thomas H. McDill Award - Judge: Ron Wallace

FIRST PLACE: "Cinnamon" by Andrea Bates

SECOND PLACE: "Intermittent" by Coyla Barry

THIRD PLACE: "I Live Alone Now" by Joanie McLean

Honorable Mentions:

"Ave Maria" by Ed Devany

"Biscayne Boulevard" by Karol Neufeld

"Carp Diem" by Jane Andrews

Caldwell Nixon Jr. Award - JUDGE: Joan Bransfield Graham

FIRST PLACE: "When Two Brothers Must Have Felt Like Birds" by Betsy Sprague

SECOND PLACE: "Flounder" by Jane Andrews

THIRD PLACE: "Navigators" by Josephine Mewborn Baker


"Dog Heaven" by Ruth Moose

"Vincent" by Stuart Burroughs

"Solitary Snowman" by Alice Johansen

Joanna Catherine Scott Award - Judge Michael Blumenthal

First Place: "Amagoge II" by MaXine Carey Harker

Second Place: "TO AN UNBORN DAUGHTER" by Betsy Sprague

Third Place: "Sunday Night Grooming" by Alexis Gines

Honorable mentions:

"Smoothing Out" by Catherine Moran

"Cemetery" by Carole Knowles
"Poetry Society Treasurer's Report" by Bill Griffin

Mary Ruffin Poole American Heritage Award - Judge: Grace Schulman

First Place: "Quik Stop" by Debra Kaufman

Second Place: "Roots Go Wander" by Corrie White

Third Place: "At the Drive-In" by Terri Kirby Erickson

Honorable Mentions:

"When All the World" by Nancy Shires

"To Michael" by Carole Knowles

"Winter Rye" by Andrew Trump

Katherine Kennedy McIntyre Light Verse Award - Judge: Jim Daniels

First Place: "A Thank You Note" by Sheila Turnage

Second Place: "Lifetime" by Stephanie Geo

Third Place: "My Mother Calls Interrupting Sex on Christmas Day" by Maureen Sherbondy

Honorable Mentions:

"The Daughter Who Hated Cats" by Bill Griffin

"So Glad You Don't Have" by Michael Beadle

"Jesus on the O'Reilly Show" by Richard Krawiec
Lyman Haiku Award - Judge Carole MacRury

FIRST PLACE "spring rivulets" by Glenn G. Coats

SECOND PLACE "sunrise. . ."by Alice Frampton

THIRD PLACE "amid ice-sheared limbs" by Sharon Sharp


"autumn evening" by Scott Owens

"Dawn's hues chase the night" by Sheila Turnage

"on the hedges" by Richard Krawiec

Poetry of Courage - Judge: Mark Jarman

First Place: "English 1200 Visits the Library" by Nancy Shires

Second Place: "Shopping for a Daughter Who Is Entering Prison" by Dave Manning

Third Place: "Holiday Stew" by Terri Fizer

Honorable Mentions:

"Learning to Manage Stairs Again" by Katherine Barr

"My Grandmother's Boston Rocker" by Deborah Doolittle

"When my father was dying" by Ruth Moose

Poetry of Love - Judge: Kate Daniels

First: "Gertrude Stein Counts Three Bachelor's Buttons" by Deborah Doolittle

Second: "Goodwill" by Jane Andrews

Third: "Passion Party" by Jim Koger

Honorable Mentions:

"Ode to My Husband on His 80th Birthday" by Katherine Barr

"February Poem" by Libby Campbell
"Winter Love" by Ed Devany

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  1. If I wanted to purchase a copy of the latest edition of 2010 contest winners. How or who would i need to contact in order to do so?

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