Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Glenda Beall Interviews Scott Owens

Glenda Beall has interviewed me for the Netwest Mountain Writers and Poets website. I'm including an excerpt below, and a link to the full interview below that.

"In a larger sense, I think I wanted to continue with these poems to finish what I had started in The Fractured World. That book ends with the disintegration of Norman, my alter ego who represents the fear and alienation that result from child abuse. Paternity illustrates what can happen after one gets past one's past. I guess you could say that Paternity balances the scales. . . . I do think reading and writing poetry can make a difference in everyone's lives. Poetry is mostly about seeing connections that aren't otherwise immediately apparent. That's a good skill to develop. It helps us take fewer things for granted and recognize the value of things through their connectedness to other things. A big part of that connectedness, as you've alluded to in your questions, is the connectedness of one human life to another. This is what allows us to achieve catharsis by watching, listening to, or reading about someone else's experience. We recognize our own story in theirs and are able to learn from it."

And here is the link:

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