Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Robert King's "One Man's Profit"

Here is my blurb from the back of Robert King's "One Man's Profit," a book well worth ordering, reading, and keeping:

These are poems that resonate, that create a space for the reader to come into and pause a moment and reflect on the significance of such things as aging and religion and duty and justice and the necessary paradox of longing to be a part of and apart from the natural world, by which is meant all that is nature, human and otherwise, including its rawest, most universal and inescapable passions. Ultimately, “One Man’s Profit” makes clear life’s one certain truth: all any of us stand a chance of keeping is what we notice, what we love enough to remember.

Sample poems from the collection are available in a wide array of journals, including "Wild Goose Poetry Review," "Pirene's Fountain," "Rusty Truck," "Southern Poetry Review," "Dead Mule," and many more. The book is available through Amazon.

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