Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Wild Goose Poetry Review Online

The new Wild Goose is up with poems by Helen Losse, Jessie Carty, Joanne Lowery, Malaika King Albrecht, Pris Campbell, Philip Dacey, Ronald Moran, Al Ortolani, Barbara Presnell, Barbara Gabriel, Michael Beadle, Mimi Herman, Corey Cook, Larry Schug, Robert King, Mark Allen Jenkins, Harry Youtt, Lynn Ciesielski, Janice Sullivan, Maril Crabtree, and Maryfrances Wagner.

There are also reviews of new books by Jessie Carty, Amy Tipton Cortner, and Kimberly Pittman Schulz.

Go to www.wildgoosepoetryreview.com and join the conversation.

To whet your appetite, here is Joanne Lowery's "Give, Present Tense"

Joanne Lowery

This is the mashed potatoes comfort food of books:
my red Latin I from high school
so familiar I know each picture
and remember the row by the windows
where I sat to cipher the mysteries of Rome.
Crisis time I need more than English
to bring serenity, priestess of white temples,
and there is no one to ask, no imperative.
Of course give would be an irregular verb,
of course I give is only two Roman letters.
Future is regular as a dreamer.
But to give to myself now—to meet
my own lack—to command the swirling
emotions to settle, I need only to state
what sitting on my porch in imitation
of caladium or cardinal I can do:
do, I give, and as if running to catch
the ball I’ve just thrown among green leaves
and clear birdsong, I offer up hands:
here it comes back to me from the ruins.

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