Saturday, September 24, 2011

100 Thousand Poets for Change

I just sent my poem "Conjugal Rites" to President Obama, Representative McHenry, Senators Burr and Hagan, State Senator Allran, State Representative Hollo, and Governor Perdue as part of today's 100 Thousand Poets for Change initiative. I have other poems I may send them in the coming days. Here is a link to the 100TPC homepage if you're interested:

Here is the poem I sent them today:

Conjugal Rites

I was the first she wanted to marry.
No surprise there. Every dad
a daughter’s first love. But then
she felt bad about excluding her mom,
decided the three of us should tie the knot.
We had to tell her you only marry one
other person, at least you plan it that way
and mommy and I were already married
to each other. She moved on to first
one brother, then the other, both of whom said
you can’t marry your brother. So then
she tried her best friend, a girl, asked
to be clear if girls could marry each other.
Already thrice denied what could we say
to make sense to a four-year-old.
Yes, of course, but only in some places,
only where love is not prescribed by law.

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  1. Here's the poem I sent:

    Seriously Dangerous

    The evening begins with kudzu—
    summer memories submerged
    in a deep southern swamp—
    where spirited black boys, old dryers
    bob beside alligators. Late in hot night,
    flashes of yesterday surface in pain
    like the prick of a thorn, the mock
    of a crown that continues its burn.

    Low whispers, deep shadows remain
    where trials by fire have left actual trails
    after a tromp in slime & muck,
    with tell-tale footprints from society’s
    work boots. Seriously dangerous,
    the cross without a savior—
    deniable today, but for masks, hoods—
    cannot burn away filth & dross,

    nor wash us clean, ’til truth bleeds.

    From Seriously Dangerous (Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2011)