Saturday, February 13, 2010

Helen Losse Reviews "Paternity"

Helen Losse has just posted a beautiful review of "Paternity" in the "Dead Mule School of Southern Literature." Helen has been a faithful reader of my work since "The Fractured World." In fact, she has published a number of my poems in "Dead Mule" during that time. Her familiarity with so many of my poems makes it possible for her to place this collection in a context of themes that came before and will exist after this book.

She says, "My first observation, concerning Scott Owens’ second book, is that Paternity begins where his first book, The Fractured World, ended. . . . Owens’ first book The Fractured World, also published by Main Street Rag, concerns his escape from an abusive childhood and his determination not to repeat the “sins of [his] father.” By the end of the book, Norman, the man who is part father part symbol and bit of anything Owens needs him to be, explodes and frees Owens for new adventures. . . . In Paternity, Owens searches for meaning in fatherhood, especially in the birth and young childhood of his daughter, Sawyer."

Here is a link that will allow you to read the entire review:

My gratitude to Helen Losse, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, and all who read the review and order the book.

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  1. So glad paternity is getting the attention it should :)