Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Poetry Hickory Video

Here is a link to Jessie Carty's video excerpts from October's Poetry Hickory. The featured writers were Debra Kaufman and Helen Losse. Open Mic readers included Faze, Anthony Straight, DW Bentley, and me (reading from Pris Campbell's new book "Sea Trails" from Lummox Press). Pris is virtually homebound due to her health, so she doesn't have the opportunity to read her own work in public. Her poems can be quite "sexy" at times, which might make it a bit strange for me to read, but they're excellent poems and I relish the opportunity to share them no matter how it might seem.


  1. Hi Scott,
    That did have to feel strange:-) Thank you so much again for reading for me. And hey, it was nice hearing my poem coming out of a man's mouth.

  2. Scott, you may want to try the embedding code or do this around your link
    a href="link" with the closed arrow at the end if that makes sense? I can write it down for you next time i see you!

    You did a great job reading Pris' poems!