Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jacob Gryder

“Musings” for June 18, 2009

One of my greatest joys in doing this column is having the opportunity to offer encouragement and bring attention to young writers. Previously, I’ve featured the work of CVCC student Trisha Hart and former St. Stephens High School student, Liz Monish. Today I’m featuring three poems by CVCC student and Taylorsville native, Jacob Gryder.

Despite his relative youth, Jacob has already found success as a poet. His poems have been published in Dead Mule and are due out in Wild Goose Poetry Review and Bay Leaves. His poem, “No Less Dear a Price Might Purchase My Felicity,” was recently named an Honorable Mention in the Sam Ragan Poetry Contest sponsored by the Poetry Council of North Carolina. Gryder will transfer to Appalachian State University this fall to major in Comparative Literature.

Wine of My Gluttonous Ways

you are the wine of my gluttonous ways,
the mirror of my vanity.
you are the Venus of my lustful days,
the vengeance of my wrath.
you are the trophy of my prideful gaze,
the perfection of my envy.
yet you defy my greed.

The Blues

I’ve got a devil with an angel’s voice.
She can pray like Peter,
preach like Paul,
and sup with the Devil all night long.


is a bird
that sings in winter,
or a rose
that grows through concrete.
Love is the only recourse
for the lonely-hearted
and the last best hope
for man.
I no longer wonder
at its nature.
I can only remark
at “how much more it is than nothing.”

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